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Season Works : 2021-22

Bruckner: Te Deum

Bruckner: TeDeum – Scrolling Score

J.S. Bach : Ascension Oratorio BWV 1

Bach: Labet Gott – Scrolling Score

Season Works : 2020-21

Naylor: Vox dicentis

Stanford: The haven

Schubert: Mass in G

Stanford: Chillingham

Faure: Requiem

Stanford: Corydon, arise!

Stanford: Shall we go dance?

Stanford: When Mary thro’ the garden went

Stanford: Diaphenia

28th March
4th April
11th April
18th April

– Bach final movement
– Bruckner final movement

– Haydn Insanae et vanae curae (copies to be supplied)
– Bach: last movement
– Bruckner: 1st movement
– Parry: I was glad (especially 2nd half)

Easter Monday

6th December
13th December  –  Christmas Party

Three Stanford songs: Corydon, Shall we go dance, The blue bird.

Haydn Mariazeller Mass: Credo from page 77 to the end (and revision from the beginning if time permits)

Vivaldi Dixit: movement 5; movement 7 if time.

Shep. farewell and In dulci jubilo (from the green or white Carols for Choirs book)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas (if you can find a copy from previous years please bring it!)
Handel: Hallelujah (from Messiah)
Three Stanford songs

1st November
8th November
15th November
19th & 20th November

Messiah: 4, 7, 9, 12, 17, 21

Vivaldi movement 1;

Haydn Kyrie (+ maybe some Gloria)

Messiah: 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 33

Vivaldi movement 2;

Haydn Gloria

Messiah: 41, 44, 46, 51, 53, 54

Messiah: Everything..!

4th October
11th October
18th October
25th October

26 All we, like sheep have gone astray

28 He trusted in God

33 Lift up your heads, O ye gates

41 Let us break their bonds asunder

44 Hallelujah

46 Since by man came death

51 But thanks be to God
53 Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
54 Amen

No rehearsal

6th September
13th September
20th September
27th September

Messiah run-through

4 And the glory of the Lord
7 And He shall purify
9 O thou that tellest good tidings

12 For unto us a child is born

17 Glory to God

21 His yoke is easy

22 Behold the Lamb of God

24 Surely He hath borne our griefs

25 And with his stripes we are healed

No of Rehearsal Days
Autumn Term 20216 September 13 December


Winter Term 202210 January11 April


Spring Term 202225 April11 June


20 November 2021Concert *¹ : Handel’s MessiahSt Mary’s Church, Petworth
13 December 2021Christmas PartyFernhurst Village Hall
19 March 2022Concert *² : Petersfield Musical FestivalPetersfield Festival Hall
11 June 2022Concert *¹ : Joyful CelebrationSt Mary’s Church, Petworth

   *¹ Rehearsals at the venue at 7:30 pm on the Friday evening and 2:00 pm on the Saturday of the concert

   *² See the Diary Card for the PMF rehearsal schedule and venues

  Non-Rehearsal Days in Term
25 October 2021        
18 April 2022Easter Monday 

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